Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

AGS Aurora Managed Services is a defined set of onsite or remotely delivered services that are prepaid for on a recurring basis. This type of service delivery assumes complete responsibility for the management and delivery of these services and is governed by Service Level Agreements.

The services are scheduled, preventative and proactive in nature instead of the more traditional method of reacting to problems and paying bills on a time and materials basis.

The AGS Aurora Managed Services Team consists of Systems Engineers at all stages of experience. Our Tier-1 team members are just beginning their career while our Tier-4 team members have a larger and deeper skill set and take on more challenging tasks. The concept is to divide each task so the task can be resolved in an efficient manner. 

Our Proactive Team thinks of new ways to prevent incidents before they become problems for our clients.

Our Managed Services Team works with clients in a wide variety of business markets that include banking, agricultural, manufacturing, law, government and healthcare to name a few. Each environment is unique so our System Engineers gain experience from many different types of technologies.
Benefits of AGS Managed IT Services:
- No unexpected costs
- Comprehensive and clearly identified Service Level Agreements
- Focus on the employee experience
- Proactive uptime focus service delivery model
- Regular Business Governance Reviews

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