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AGS Business Systems specializes in simplifying the intricacies of workplace technology and is committed to making your business processes easier, faster, and more cost-effective.  Through the services we provide, our customers benefit with efficient workflows, robust security and environmentally friendly print strategies. 

Established in 1976, we have always strived to be in front of the constantly changing demands of the modern office environment. Through careful examination and research we ensure we find the right solutions for our customers by partnering with the best technology trendsetters in the industry.  

We offer solutions and service to the major cities and surrounding towns on Vancouver Island including but not limited to Campbell River, Comox, Courtenay, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Port Alberni,  Qualicum, and Victoria.

At AGS, you can count on an organization that keeps its promises by going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with the equipment and solutions we provide. 
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AGS Business Systems Inc

By Digital Solutions 08 May, 2017
Social media and other newer marketing technologies get a lot of attention in the marketing world these days. We’re often told online marketing is the way to go, and the most important part of a modern marketing plan.

The fact is, not all businesses run just online.

Most of us still have storefronts or bricks-and-mortar locations where we actually interact with customers. And that means printed materials still have a tremendous impact on what our customers do.

Take, for example, a study by Canada Post that showed the probability a customer will come into your business increases by 37 per cent when they receive printed material targeted to them.

When I say “printed material,” I’m referring to just about anything printed on paper, so long as it’s appropriate to the customer you’re targeting.
“Appropriate” means describing the value your customers receive from doing business with you, not simply stating how wonderful you are.

Do you have printed material at your location so waiting customers can read about the value of the additional products/ services you provide?

If they’re making a big-ticket purchase, do you have customized brochures you can print on demand for them to take home with them?

If you’re a restaurant, does your takeaway menu have a coupon that gives your customer a special price on an item the next time they come in to eat?

Do you send paper invoices? Why not include a prominent marketing message?

Any time you have an opportunity to give somebody a piece of paper, whatever it is, that piece of paper should include some sort of marketing message.

It doesn’t have to be blatant. Sometimes a simple customer testimonial is all you need.

And remember, colour is more effective than black and white. It catches people’s eye and helps connect with their feelings and emotions. Research has shown that colour improves brand recognition by over 75 per cent, helps sell up to 80 per cent more and makes people more likely to pick up the piece.

Does having high-quality printed material mean you should scrap your social media marketing strategy? Definitely not. It just means you can still benefit, and even grow your customer base, by using well-planned printed materials.

It’s worth considering.

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers since 1976.

Don Linder can be reached at (250) 756-5611 or don.linder@agscanada.com.
By Digital Solutions 09 Feb, 2017
Say the word “accounts payable” to a business owner, and don’t be surprised if you’re regaled with nightmarish tales of paperwork gone wrong.
Out of all the tasks that make up the day-to-day running of a business, invoicing has certainly earned its reputation as tedious, error prone and labour intensive. Yet it’s often one of the most important parts of ensuring your business runs smoothly.

New software developments are providing increasingly sophisticated ways to streamline the receipt and payment of invoices, freeing up employees for more productive work and increasing customer satisfaction.

It all starts with intelligent scanning software. This software uses optical character and intelligent document recognition to convert paper (or electronic) invoices into searchable electronic files, recognizing supplier names and other key fields like item, cost and payment date.

Once that electronic file is created, it can be routed via email or other means to the appropriate individual for payment authorization, or the software can match the file with purchase orders or other documentation.

The strength of intelligent scanning software is that it virtually eliminates data entry. Instead of entering supplier names and product prices month after month, employees can search electronic invoicing files for purchasing trends, track payment dates that take advantage of early payment discounts or make purchasing recommendations that smooth out your supply chain.

Obviously, an electronic document management system is something best implemented in a business dealing with a large volume of paper documents on a regular basis. Consulting firms, manufacturers and other similar businesses can benefit greatly from the efficiencies such a system provides.

Also any business in which key employees travel; invoices can be routed to smartphones and tablets on the road instead of waiting until the employee is back in the office. Electronic document management systems need to be flexible to suit the business, and an accounts payable system is no different.

It’s important to implement the correct software with the features and functions you need. The pay-off, though, is when your paperwork is done right — and with very little effort!

AGS Business Systems has been providing office technology to Vancouver Island customers since 1976 and prides itself on being 100% locally Island owned and operated.

Don Linder can be reached at (250) 756-5611 or don.linder@agscanada.com.
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