Frequently Asked Quesitons

Q: Do you have a copy center and is it self service?
A: Yes, and we also have copy plans with copies as low as 2 cents per letter size black and white page.  
Q: If I buy a desktop computer from you, and something happens to it, do I have to send it away for repair?
A: No. All service and warranty is performed at our AGS Parksville location. Also when you purchase a computer you automatically become a member of the AGS Computer Club, which includes a discount on in-store labour and accessories.
Q: Can I get a fax sent to me at your Parksville location?
A: Yes we will receive and secure your confidential fax until you can pick it up. Please call ahead to arrange.
Q: I need my computer serviced, but it is too heavy for me to carry. Will you come and pick it up for me?
A: Yes we can arrange for local pick up and delivery.
Q: I cannot send / receive faxes - what can I do?
A: Check "On Hook" for a dial tone. Once this is established call AGS and one of our technicians will help you determine the next step. The most common reason for failed fax transmissions is a failed or poor fax line.
Q: Can I connect my Ricoh printer or multi-function copier myself?
A: Yes Ricoh drivers are available to anyone online, but to get the most out of your Ricoh including performance, security, productivity we recommend using AGS trained technicians who know which options will work best for you.
Q: My computer is running slow and getting noisy. Does it need to be upgraded?
A: Probably not. In most cases it just needs maintenance. This usually takes about an hour for our technicians to perform on Windows. They will physically clean the case and fans as well.
Q: Why are there lines on my copies and not prints from the computer?
A: If this only occurs when feeding originals through the document feeder this can be caused by dirt of even a pen mark on the slit glass (narrow glass running front to back under the document feeder).
Q: Do you stock toner and supplies for the Ricoh machines?
A: Yes. AGS stocks only genuine Ricoh toner, parts and supplies. We can also supply toner for other manufacturers. AGS will also accept your empty Ricoh toner cartridges for recycling.
Q: Our business is way up in Port McNeill; will you come and service my machine?
A: Yes. AGS services all of Vancouver Island and the Islands.
Q: My business is on Gabriola Island. How will I get toner for my machine?
A: AGS will ship Purolator overnight or use a courier of your choice. We also service the islands and can deliver when not an emergency.
Q: Do you sell paper and card stock that I can print on?
A: Yes. AGS stocks a wide variety of paper products for inkjet, laser and multi-function printers. Just ask our trained staff, they will make sure you get the right product recommended for your machine.
Q: Our business is moving to a new location across town, should we move our multi-function copier ourselves?
A: We always recommend calling AGS to make the move. We will not only guarantee your machine is moved safely but will also include setup, connectivity and testing of the functions.
Q: What is a surge suppressor and why do I need one?
A: A surge suppressor is a system that is designed to protect electronic devices from a signifigant increase in voltage above the standard voltage of 120 Volts. A surge suppressor will divert extra electricity back into a wall outlet's grounding wire thus suppressing the surge. Our Ricoh approved surge protectors also have a built in line-conditioning system for filtering out line "noise", otherwise known as smaller fluctuations in electrical current. This technology is highly recommended as a cost effective way to greatly enhance the life of your electronic equipment.
Q: Why should I use Ricoh toner when I can get cheaper toner from another company?
A: Today's economic climate puts most people in a mindset to save money, but you must consider all of the variables. When you choose to use something other than a Ricoh toner cartridge for your printer, or copier you may be putting your equipment at risk. Some products can actually damage your equipment. Think about the quality of your documents, and how many pages you get when you use authentic toner cartridges. You aren't likely to have such a pleasant experience with cheap products and off-brands. Sticking to brands that are made for your particular brand of equipment is a smart move, and ensures that your documents will always look their best. If you choose to use something other than a Ricoh toner cartridge, say a cheap re-manufactured or off-brand, you may experience an increased number of paper jams, and the rollers may wear prematurely and void your warranty and / or service contract. You can avoid a whole host of problems by simply using the supplies that are meant to be used in your equipment, saving you a substantial amount of money over time. AGS has the correct toners for your equipment in stock and ready to ship or deliver.
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