Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Stop disasters from disrupting your business

Your data is vital to your business operations. Even though the chance of your business suffering a major disaster is quite rare, massive information and data loss is actually possible with much smaller problems. Viruses, Malware, Equipment failure, or power surges and can cost upwards to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in data loss.

We work together with you to ensure your business keeps functioning during any disaster, no matter how big or small. AGS Business Systems Disaster Recovery service provides the security, analysis, and preventive measures which allow you to have peace of mind, knowing your business will keep its continuity during any potential disaster.
Our disaster recovery solutions include:

- Regular risk assessments
- Examining Redundant Infrastructure
- Cloud Services Major Business Applications
- Streamlined Backup and Recovery Processes
- Onsite and Offsite Backup

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